Over the past few weeks, I have been doing a lot of exploring around China. It will not be a long wordy post like usual because I want to let my pictures do the talking. There is certainly a lot more great scenery as compared to Singapore and I am very glad for this trip because it allowed me to see all these wonderful scenery in a country that I would not usually come for tours with my family.

Being an urban boy, I personally enjoy the concrete jungle and scenery that involve wonderful architecture but once in a while I would still like to see what nature has to offer. China provides both more than adequately.

Here are some of the great views I got to witness 🙂

Huangshan: Wanted to see something I will definitely not be able to see in Singapore, such as views from the top of a mountain, beautiful rock formations, standing above the clouds, etc. However, the weather was actually really bad for the most part which was a definite bummer. We did get a window of 30 mins consolidation of clear skies which we were thankful for and here are the pictures.

Shanghai: It is literally my dream to come to Shanghai and stand at the pier that looks over the majestic city skyline in real life and I finally got to do it! Definite tick off my bucket list. Being an avid Korean show addict, there were multiple times where the celebrities went to Shanghai to tour or complete travel missions as part of the reality shows and I have always been so intrigued by the Shanghai skyline. I also heard that Shanghai is an everchanging city so I am very excited to come back when i am much older to see a completely different view!

Some hill at the edge of Xihu: Just a weekend climb but this surprisingly packed a great point to take nice pictures 🙂

Will be going to Beijing for recess week 🙂 I hope that I will get greater pics.

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