Ordered this almost thrice a week


This will be also be a relatively short post all about food. So to repeat again from my previous post, something that I did during this trip is take pictures of everything that I ate, literally everything so I can remember exactly what I ate.

Today, I will be ranking the top 5 food if you have the money. This ranking is based on my own tastebuds so don’t blame me if the food turns out not as tasty as I described.

I hope that this series will allow for those who are coming next year or to Hangzhou in general to know what is there here to eat. So without further ado, lets get going again!

5. Mala Xiangguo

I don’t usually eat the mala xiangguo in SG because it is generally very expensive and the taste is not to my liking as I am not a super fan of MALA. But the one here has soooo much ingredients at a rather affordable price. This two were about 160 yuan, meaning that when divided over 4 people was about 40 yuan (8sgd). Definitely not the cheapest of food but its actually really good. You can choose the Ma (numbness) levels and La(spicyness) levels so this allows us to choose based on what we like.

4. 烧烤 (BBQ)

Nothing much to say about this but it is simply delicious. Singapore probably will never have this due to potential hygiene issues. The food are marinated with soy sauce and some bbq powder which honestly I am not sure what it consists of but I think its a combination of red pepper, salt and spring onions. Price differs based on what you order but should not cost more than 40 yuan (8 sgd) per person to be really full.

3. Japanese Curry Rice Set

Ala Carte

Most people were not super fans of this but I actually really like this. Each set costs about 30 yuan (6sgd) and it comes with some side dishes and a drink based on your preference. You can also order ala carte which costs around 20 to 25 yuan depending on what you order with your curry (Chicken, Pork or Hamburg). The curry is tasty, meat is crispy and side dishes taste great.

2. Dairy Queen

Doesn’t looks like much but its great!

Was introduced to this really late into ALP but I personally really liked it but it is definitely luxury food. SG does not have this. Dairy Queen uses really good quality ice cream and they are simply delicious for me. It can be found in most major malls, making it highly accessible but lucky I do not have any major malls really near me so i only could buy it sometimes, thus not breaking my bank.

  1. Korean Chicken
Ordered this almost thrice a week
Ordered when I was in Shanghai too
When you order in bulk its even cheaper and great for sharing!

I like how the number 1 food is not Chinese food but this is something that I will definitely miss so much. Having korean chicken in many flavours delivered right to your hostel is so great. Each set is about 25yuan with delivery and it is the same price for almost all the korean chicken stalls. And they are all equally good but taste slightly different in terms of seasoning meaning I had the opportunity to try all of them and get a different taste each time.I really wish that SG has something like this. Actually on second thought, maybe not if not i will get really fat.

And that concludes this post on my Top 5 food that I had in ALP (Baller Edition). I hope that with this review, you will know what to try when you are there and also serves as a personal reminder if I ever go there again.

Until next time!


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