This will be a relatively short post but because honestly food was one of the things that I remember the most from this trip. Something that I did during this trip is take pictures of everything that I ate, literally everything so I can remember exactly what I ate.

Today, I will be ranking the top 5 budget food in my opinion. This ranking is based on my own tastebuds as well as my view on value-for-money. I

More importantly, I hope that this series will allow for those who are coming next year or to Hangzhou in general to know what is there here to eat. So without further ado, lets go!

5. 炸酱面 (Zhajiang Noodles)

Noodle Version
Kway Teow Version

These were just chanced upon randomly when I needed lunch one day and was on a budget and I saw this 9.99 yuan promotion on my waimai app. With delivery, it was about 15 yuan (3SGD) and it included a drink and egg which is extremely worth. They actually also taste really nice 🙂

4.铁板豆腐和土豆 + 凉面 combo (Tofu and fries cooked on hotplate + Cold Noodles)

This is a street food combo that I would always at the street behind my hostel. Basically I would get a 10 yuan (2sgd) amount of 铁板豆腐和土豆 and a 8 yuan (less than 2 sgd) amount of 凉面 (which is a lot because the person is not stingy) and have the most filling yet satisfying meal ever. The pictures were found online because everytime I would eat the food so quickly that I would not remember to take photos of it which I really regret. The combination of hot 铁板豆腐和土豆 and cold 凉面 gives a taste that is really unforgetable. Definitely something I would miss in sg

3. Ice Cream

Matcha and Vanilla Mix with Chocolate fudge

With every meal, there must be some sort of way to end it off with a wonderful dessert. And this is a 5 yuan (1 sgd) ice cream that I eat twice weekly. Very cheap yet the ice cream is not the low quality kind. No brainer to beat the summer heat.

2. Mojito


This is Mexican food for 15 yuan (3sgd). Yes, 3 sgd with no hidden charges. The pictures you see above are some of the 15 yuan meals. Basically, on weekdays, there will be a different meal everyday that goes on discount for 15 yuan. My favourite of them on is the one in the 1st pic which is the Beef Enchiladas. I am not usually a fan of beefs because the lower grade ones have a weird smell/aftertaste to them but Mojito uses better beef so I have absolutely no issues with it. Also something I would miss.

  1. 五花肉饼

This is 5 yuan (1 sgd) magic. Located on the street outside the hostel, this was only introduced to me later in ALP but every since I was introduced it, I hardly went a day without eating it. The amount of meat inside is insane for 1 sgd and it is so crispy. It is cooked by a charcoal pot so the taste is not what I am used to when compared to food that can be found in sg like prata. A must-eat if I ever go there again.

As I am typing this post, I am literally salivating as I think about these really delicious food. I really hope that I will be able to go back someday to have all these food again. SG food prices are definitely not as friendly unfortunately.

There will be more food posts so do look out for those.

Till next time!

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