When I first know I got the chance to come to Hangzhou, I was super excited. As a Chinese, I know that Zhejiang University is the top three universities in China. Without question, this experience will definitely be memorable during my whole educational life.

During the first two weeks in ZJU, I try to stick my original plan which explores the ZiJinGang campus within one day, after I try, I released that one day will never be enough. I use the most common transportation which is the campus bike spend hours for just one round of the campus. After three days, my theme leader, Dr. Zhang Kejun invite all the theme members including five team assistance for a lunch meeting all of our leaders are really nice, they introduce us how to live a life here like a local student. 

During Saturday, I joined the west lake group to explore the most famous scenic spot in Hang Zhou —- Xi Hu. We have three leaders, all of them are warm-hearted, they prepare a lot about the history of Xihu all of us are really enjoy the history. We visit the ‘三潭映月’ by the classic boat, this experience makes me really relaxed. One thing needs to mention is that the background of the 1 Yuan RMB is using the picture of ‘三潭映月’ which makes this sport really famous around the world. After we finish sightseeing, we go to the grandmom’ house for lunch, which is one of the most famous restaurants which cook the traditional food of Hangzhou. It is true that we all quite tired when we came back to school, but we really learn a lot and having fun about today’s experience.



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