Well Well Well, we have come to the end of my journey in NTU. But before that happens, I need to take the exams. HAHAHAH. Well in the previous blog I talk about how there are many study areas and for this blog, I would be talking about how huge the halls and the multitude of exam venues are there. We in SUTD only have one big venue which is the ISH and than the small classrooms in the main buildings.


Here in NTU, there are many big venues that the school uses. Just take a look at the venues I was given:

All these venues are very big and can hold many students. One example is the Nanyang Auditorium. That venue has 1 exhibition hall and another ground floor that is empty. They used both areas to for the exam venue. For my area which is the exhibition floor, it can contain thousands of chairs and table. Nothing surprising about it but if you were to combine with other venues that are having the same exam timing as you, it is actually a very large operation! It just seems crazy to me regarding this. But than again, it is not such a big surprise because NTU has a much bigger population than SUTD.


Even though I have ended my time in NTU, it is not officially over until I get my results. SO…the best of luck to me!!

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