Scouting Graduate Schools

In the previous parts of this guide, we discussed ways you can make the most out of your exchange to improve your skills and knowledge, through course selection and clubs. In this section, we will be instead looking ahead, to see how the exchange can open doors for your future aspirations. An exchange gives you a valuable opportunity to visit and experience what potential graduate schools can be like, instead of simply learning about them online.

For me, I was fortunate to have been introduced to a professor at MIT through my research here at SUTD. Even more fortunately for me, he was kind enough to agree to an in-person meet up during my Thanksgiving Break, and even offered to show us around the MIT nuclear research facilities.

MIT Nuclearspace

Control Room for the old tokamak reactor at MIT

The strip of metal on the right is made of superconducting material which will be deployed in MIT’s next fusion device, built in collaboration with Commonwealth Fusion Systems. The strip of metal is capable of handling more amperage than the chonky cable on the left, which is part of the power supply system of the old tokamak.

The old tokamak system at MIT, which is in the process of decomissioning.

A DIY Neutron Beam Source, which MIT plans to make open-source


This part is shorter than the others simply because it’s more open, and will vary largely based on your dream university and course. Definitely try to scope out potential grad schools around the area of your exchange university, and try to speak to some profs there. I have no doubt you will gain valuable insight into your future grad school aspirations, even if you do not eventually pursue that particular grad school.

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