Hello everyone!

I’m now on to my third week at Tokyo. Time passes really fast when you’re having fun! The highlight of this week is definitely the visit to the Nissan factory where we got to see their museum. Of course, many photos were taken, but to avoid spam, I will share my favorite car, a camper themed after a snail!

That aside, I was quite surprised to see a robot assistant at a train station in place of a human. It was interesting but at the same time I can’t help but feel that anything the robot is able to do can be implemented into the ticketing machine itself..

Also, there was a doriyaki making event this week. That was fun!

And before we forget, Tokyo is a food haven and I ate loads of food! Here’s a short sample:

Ichiran Ramen:

Super cheap ramen (780yen for the set I think):

Koko curry rice, greatly recommended:

Unfortunately, eating out so often means burning a hole in my pocket. This means that to cook to save money. I guess I can say I am becoming more independent?

Fry cheap meat + raw lettuce + rice. Ate this for 6 meals straight.

Alternatively, buy a packet of curry and heat it up in the stove/microwave for an easy side to your rice.

That’s all for this week, see you again!

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