Day 1:

Team SUTD departs from Singapore, filled with anticipation for the upcoming adventures in China. It was my first time going to China so I was particularly excited.

Nankai University

When we arrived in Tianjin, we were received by Nankai University at the airport. After checking into the hotel, we had a buffet lunch (most of our meals throughout the trip were buffets or full course meals, so we were really well fed).

After lunch we attended the welcome ceremony and other activities planned by the hosts, such as an amazing race cum campus tour.On the first night of our stay, we went exploring and discovered our SUTD delegate Charles’ acquired taste for creepy crawlies. The other food we bought, like this giant, cheap and tasty mango drink, and everyone’s favourite ji pa, were super yummy.








Day 2:

On day 2 we explored the new campus of Nankai University. It was really hot but pretty.

We took many pictures in front of their super aesthetic library.

There are ofo-s almost everywhere in China.

Day 3:

We visited the Tianjin Cultural Centre Museum.                   

We also got to try our hand at block printing.

We went to Haihe where there was beautiful scenery, including the Tiantsin Eye.

Day 4:

On our last day with Nankai University, we went to one of my favourite places, the Tianjin Drum tower, Nanshi food street and Ancient Cultural street.

After that it was farewell (till next time) to the new friends we made at Nankai University.

Tianjin Foreign Studies University

Day 5: 

On day 5, we arrived at Tianjin Foreign Studies University. We had icebreakers with the TFSU students.

At night, we had a cup noodle party at Ms Ong’s suite.

Day 6:

On day 6 we visited the Sino-Singapore Eco-city, where there was an unmanned supermarket.

We also had a tie-dye workshop where we designed our own handkerchiefs. We also toured TFSU’s affiliated primary school with amazing facilities.

We then had my favourite meal in whole trip, dao xiao mian.

Day 7:

On day 7 we had 2 very interesting workshops where we had the chance to try out tradition Chinese instruments as well as Chinese calligraphy.

Then at night it was farewell (till we meet again) to the TFSU students! (This is Coco, SUTD’s very kind student leader)                                                      

At night, we had a barbecue with new friends we made from SG’s 4 other universities. Once again we witness Charles’ acquired taste for strange edibles.

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