Hi everyone, especially juniors! This is Jordan bringing to you the weekly GLP Berlin experience! I am taking the Start-Up Crash Course, a course for beginners to learn how to bring their ideas to life as a start-up business, led by the wonderful Daria Markova aka Dash.

The Start-up class is arranged into collaborative groups for practical work. However, everyone works on and pitch their own idea the whole course!
Group discussing about something…

After 2 weeks of this course, I really rate the course very highly for those who are interested in entrepreneurship. Dash has put in lots of time and effort to make the course a very effective place for learning new things about start-ups.

There are multiple guest lecturers who are all founders, and everyone teaching and learning are super nice and good to be around.

Overall, the course has been really fun. Go VR course if you wanna make a game with your friends, go CanSat if you wanna launch a 3d printed rocket, and go Start-up Crash Course if you wanna build on your own ideas! 🙂

Now for more photo dumps for you to see how our week went! Lots of pictures of fun, food, and friends, because that’s exactly what being in Berlin feels like. Little to no stress for work, and lots of freedom and activities!!:)


Also last valuable information for you. If you want to do online shopping in Berlin, there are lots of DHL pick-up stores. The sign up process is a little bit of pain but after signing up it’s pretty convenient. I bought a ton of cultural goods of Berlin (not a waste of money… unless…?)

Covid-19 made Vinny and Bei Ru out of commission, but overall 10/10 week.

See you next time!

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