Now, we are on the 9th week of our DATE journey. Within our theme, the seven of us are split into two different groups and focus on two different projects, everyone is pushing themselves really hard to learn and explore. Every day we are trying to solve different issues, when we solve one, there is always another one waiting for us. we learn a lot of new things every week in order to solve the technical barrier we were facing.
During this week, we were able to create the 3D-character and connect them with our app, but we still can not find any API which can help us recognize the Frequency of the music, we will keep looking for it.

Without questions, our TA are also offered us a lot of help, when we were lost about the direction of our project, they always try the best to help us and during the meeting we have every week, they always help us point out things we were not considered before. We all believe that with their help, we will reach our destination eventually.
Next week is our recess week, every one of us has our own plan to explore different places in China. The colorful culture of China is strongly attracting us and of course the delicious Chinese traditional food.

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