Meet the members of theme 2!

Today (13th May) our entire team is finally together! Our final member, You Shan (center in picture) arrived late last night with the third batch of SUTDents, along with others who had DO or helped out for orientation. We had our very first meeting with our mentor today as well, and had a fruitful discussion with regards to the direction which we want the project to take. We had concluded that in order to make an informed choice to decide on the best way to improve the efficiency of parcel sorting, we first had to go down to the warehouse to observe first-hand how the entire sorting process is done. Hence talks are currently underway with our partnered company for us to have a site visit soon.



For those who arrived a week ago, we have been comfortably getting used to life here in China. We had a buddy day where an assigned buddy will take us to explore Hang Zhou, as well as an exhibition tour of Zhe Jiang University’s rich history and recent innovations and a cultural visit to Liang Zhu Dream town. Most importantly, one cannot forget to mention the delicious food here in Hang Zhou!

Chicken Chop noodles!
Bubble tea!
40 cents Matcha Ice Cream !
Korean BBQ

Until next week!

Ian Lowe

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