Brain Data (fMRI)

We were told that the cost to operate the MRI Machine was about 2000 Yuans per hour. Having to do 10 more 4 hour experiments, I guess a huge bulk of our team’s budget is going to brain scans!

It would be most of our first times going into an MRI machine, and boy was it nerve wrecking. In addition to being confined to a really tiny space, we were told that we cannot move at all in the machine, otherwise, the data would have to be discarded. Multiple times, my leg went numb and I really had to move it. But by sheer will-power alone I managed to hold it in for the sake of good data.

Apart from being confined in a small space, the machine made very loud noises. First time being in the machine and all, it was frightening. This was a problem as we were told to retain a calm and clear state of mind thoughout the experiment. The lab technicians could have pre-empted us a bit more but they did not. However, the overall experience was painless, just uncomfortable.

I feel blessed to be able to work with such expensive and complex machinery. We probably will never have a chance to use these equipment again.

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