This week, I learnt the basics of Arduino. What?! You might be wondering why I did not take the opportunity to learn it in the first 9 weeks or even during my first year in SUTD, especially since I want to go to EPD. Well, there is a first to everything, and I’ve only decided to learn it when it is really only necessary. But it was not so simple as just learning Arduino. This was where crunch time started for me, and because I was group leader, there were much more things for me to do, like discussing our action plan, liaising between the group and the Prof/TA, as well as all other sai kang  menial but important stuff. Yes I knew all these would be a lot to handle, yet I volunteered to be in charge of the electronics part (despite being new to it). I think I volunteered for it because I wanted to force myself to learn Arduino, seeing that I have a real need for it in EPD. Besides, I had to learn to purchase materials in Tao Bao, not that I did not know how to purchase them, but it was more of learning what to look for and the reading of the Chinese and its technical terms (which improved my Chinese by a lot). I was thankful to have my team mates Yuang Long and Jeremy with me, because while my hands were full regarding decision making and all the other administrative tasks, they were there to start thinking about the electronics component of the project. Furthermore, when I started learning Arduino during the pockets of time I could squeeze out, I could consult them which expedited my learning process.

An example of what I had to learn…
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