Week 10: A calm before a storm

This week was mostly uneventful. Really, it really was. Just after arriving back from recess week (which I strangely did not spend relaxing, though I did let myself relax more than usual) the week itself was more of getting yourself back into gear than it was actually working, though I did manage to finish up a major tutorial to produce a UI with code instead of just with pre-fabs.

More importantly, though, we managed to finally find a port for OpenCV for Unity that didn’t require us paying. Kidnapping this library wholesale, Kenneth managed to rig us a working human-face recognition engine that worked on the Hololens. Sadly, the Hololens is sorely lacking in the processing department, and after getting human faces recognised, we now have the rather unpleasant task of looking into more methods to get expression recognition.

On the other hand, the UI portion is getting more complex than ever – I’m not particularly clear on what the shape of our final product is actually going to be, since each time I think I do know, I get corrected – nevertheless, the only thing to do is soldier on.

Cheers and tune in next week, where there’s hopefully better news.

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Due to the rise of artificial intelligence, research on natural speech recognition and emotion recognition is also being paid attention by more and more people. In this project, we will create an AI-based system related to the analysis of players’ debates in a board game called Werewolf (a very popular board game in China, similar to another board game named Mafia). The technic of emotion capture and logical reasoning algorithm will also be used in the project. The system can predict the identity of each player in the game and show it with Augmented Reality.


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