Another week of just us busy working on our group report as well as producing our group’s first prototype. After much deliberation on the design and its accompanying functions, and with the arrival of components from taobao, we could start work on the basic functions we want to achieve. Meanwhile, our CAD expert Christopher was fully in-charge of the mechanical aspects of the product, and has designed its interior to fit all the electrical components. Under his expert CAD-man-ship (if this word even exists), we were able to receive a good working 1st 3D-printed prototype for presentation (on week 12) of our product to the supporting company we were working with, Zhejiang Klite Company. This week was pretty much us figuring out how to put together our 1st prototype and the testing of the codes to see if it executes the required functions. Our day starts as early as 10 am and ends as late as 12 am. It was crazy but I think for the accomplishment of our product, it was pretty much worth it.

Yay our very 1st prototype
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