Omo it’s one week till ALP FINALE!!!

Time really flies when you’re having fun huh. 3 months just flew past in a blink of an eye. In just 1 week ALP is gonna end, and in 2 weeks we’ll be back in Singapore ?? The thought of being back in Singapore seems so surreal after living here for 3 months haha.


Thankfully the workload now is much lesser as most of the work has been cleared last week. Now it’s mostly piecing together our separate pieces of code and completing the puzzle.

There is, however, more work. The end of ALP requires every theme to do a thesis on the work we’ve been doing and also a final presentation on the final week. Oh, wait. That’s next week. And so this week begins our week’s torture. The writing of reports and thesis, and the presentation rehearsals.


Now as we approach closer to the day we return to Singapore, I can’t help but think of the things I miss in Singapore. Needless to say that family and friends are at the top, but what’s next?

FOOOOOOOOOD. Ever since coming to China, I have learnt to appreciate Singapore more. In Singapore, you could eat a different cuisine every meal of the day for an entire week and not get bored. In contrast, I have been eating beef noodles, mala, chicken cutlet rice and cai beng for as long as I can remember here. It is a lie that you can never get bored of the ZJU canteen. I mean, sure, the food is pretty good and a lot cheaper than in SUTD canteen. But it’s the same dish in all 4 canteens HAHA I miss my prata, nasi lemak, bar chor mee, and most importantly SINGAPORE KOPI. Our kopi is unbeatable worldwide and uniquely Singapore. How I long to say the words “Kopi gao siew dai”.

But then again there are definitely things about China that I will miss. I’ll definitely miss their bike-sharing apps. It’s so affordable (9yuan/month ??) and convenient compared to Singapore. You can find a bike within a 5-minute radius of most places. I’ll definitely miss Alipay as well. It’s such a powerful app, handling practically all your transactions, splitting the bill with your friends, linking to every other app in China and most importantly, it tracks every transaction and neatly compiles them for those who track their expenditure.

Well, I really hope that Singapore can incorporate some of the things China is doing in the near future and make our lives even more convenient. See you again after the final week! Ciao!

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