Week 11 (5 – 11 August)

The 11th week of school marks the nearing of a new chapter in our lives. This week, our main topic revolve around giving a convincing speech. Before we master that, we have to first touch on some of the basics.

In a few words, being taught are as stated below.

  • First day: Rhetoric
  • Second day: Story telling
  • Third day: Being a good leader
  • Fourth day: Excursion to Hellon company


The last day of school was, at least to me, the main take away from the entire school week. We have a better understanding of how Hellon helps various companies better understand their customers. We have a sneak peak of how these people work, and what is the purpose of service design. Service design is something that is not required in SUTD syllabus (I think), but I feel that this may be helpful in our future. Engineering Product Development is of course, pretty much talking about the product usage, but to ensure customers continual support and the welcoming of even more new customers, we have to ensure that the service provided by us to the customer is good too. With that in mind, I believe that service design and product design can go hand in hand together, and thus, the main takeaway for this school week.

Some pictures of what we have done in Hellon is as shown.

analysis of customer profile
ideation to address customer needs

To sum it up, we did analyse the given customer profile, and then ideating for ideas on how we can improve the service for that customer.

Daytrip to Tampere

On one of the weekends, we went for a daytrip to Tampere, another city in Finland. Like any other day trips, our sole purpose was to eat and to explore other parts of Finland. We tried their local cuisine, blood sausage as well as bought some black berries along the way. Personally, Blood sausage tasted like the Chinese dumplings that we eat on some specific dates. A picture of it is as shown below.

With that, we ended our third last week in Helsinki.

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