Erm, ALP is over ??




This is probably one of the craziest weeks thus far. The first half of the week everyone was busy rushing through their presentation slides, going for rehearsal, amending slides and repeat. At the same time, everyone was rushing their finishing touches for the final product.

This week is probably the only time we felt lucky to be in our group. After working for weeks on DIP and rushing out our final product after getting back from our break, we finally had a good break. Right after our final presentation, there was an ALP dinner at a hotel owned by ZJU. That was probably the first time we had a dinner together as a theme? HAHAHA After what 12 weeks? Then we had another dinner on Saturday organised by Prof Sun. The place was lit. It was located in a boutique hotel located in a secluded area. It had an amazing interior design with a private library in the lounge area with a bunch of great reads. Dinner was served with amazing dishes and we had a taste of their local huang-jiu, which in fact was just cooking wine lol.


I must say that these 12 weeks here in Hangzhou and working in ZJU has been nothing short of amazing. We’ve had so many opportunities to explore China, from visiting the various cities and exploring their cultures to working with the local students. It was especially meaningful because the everyone here has been so welcoming to us and letting us into their lives and forging friendships that would last. I’m also really thankful to TFI for the wonderful opportunity to be work with the Hushu school community, getting to know them better and creating unforgettable memories together.

Next week, I’m off to Xi’an and then it’s back to Singapore! Woohoo can’t wait!

This is probably going to be my final blog post, so thank you to those who have been following my blogs throughout ALP! It’s been really fun doing this and sharing some of my thoughts with y’all. Till next time!

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