This week was an intense week of preparation. We had a report, video, poster, and presentation due. Everyone was doing their part as a team (what a relief as the team leader). I am thankful to have such driven team members for this project.


Graphic design is my passion. I absolutely love coming up with posters. It reminds me that aesthetics is an important part of design, which is really the heart of SUTD. To obtain some feedback about my work, I showed by poster to my friend in NUS and she was impressed by it. She told me that she never learnt how to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop in school and wished that she did. Fortunately for us, it was an unspoken requirement that we knew how to use these programs for our module in Term 2 – Introduction to Design.


The theme for the video was completely up to us. It could be a skit, a documentary, an informmercial, anything under the sun really. So we decided to choose what we were best at –  a skit. We made it as funny as possible with the intention of captivating the audience’s attention as our project could become very dry and technical. This taught me that during a presentation, one should make it as interesting as possible, as if selling a product!

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