Our week started with Christopher and myself waking up early to go collect our 2nd 3D-printed model (at 8 am) for our final prototype. I would say that our prof has been very generous so far with both prints (the 1st costs 300 SGD and the 2nd costs 700 SGD) and so seeing our prof being very satisfied with our product was sort of a motivation for ourselves too.

We also did a presentation at Zhejiang Klite Company, 3 days before our actual presentation on the 3rd August, which we did not know of only until this week itself. But nonetheless, because our prof was excited to present the product to them and for us to receive their comments, we went ahead with her plans anyways. Our other team member, Mae-Sy, managed to create slides just in time for the presentation, and did half of the presentation, together with me, in Chinese. Yes that’s right, it was my first time doing a presentation like this in Chinese, and I even prepared my script in Chinese, with some help from my TA regarding technical terms in Chinese. The company, as expected, was professional, and their Product Development Manager and CEO both gave us great comments that could take our product (which we have named it 小睡宝 xiao shui bao) further in perspectives our untrained mind could not possibly conceive. Xiao shui bao was also very well-received and they even mentioned about the possibility of working with us in the future to further develop the product as well. They then gave us a tour of their factory and explained how some of the products were manufactured.

With those comments in mind, we proceeded to continue preparing our video and further improve on our slides for our final presentation. We were excited to present our product, and even made stickers for each of us to wear during presentation day. Our prof, who was rushing to catch a flight on presentation day, purposely stayed back just to see us present (with the risk of missing her flight) because she was so proud of our team. Furthermore, unbeknown to our prof and our TA, we designed small versions of 小睡宝 as mementos and wrote our thanksgivings on a photo frame (with our group photo) for them to keep. We were so thankful to them for all their help the past 13 weeks and our team hope that as much as they have impacted us, we also have in our small ways, impacted them as well. We hope in the future, if there are chances, to work with them on future projects if there are chances to do so.

The Final Presentation on 3rd August!
Presentation at Zhejiang Klite Company
Group shot with Prof, TA, and our exhibition. Amazing Team indeed
Me giving presentation 😛
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