Week 13 (19 – 25 August)

This is the last week of school. The last week of school is dedicated to Prototyping and the implementation section. From previous lessons, we have kind of mastered using Adobe XD, Figma, Adobe Illustrator. As such, this week, our teacher have decided to invest time in teaching us some basics when it comes to photoshop. However, Photoshop was not the main focus when it comes to prototyping. Thus she merely scratch the surface And I know for I have attended photoshop lessons prior to this.

Like all her previous lessons, she went through the functions of each icons, before giving us time to practice. To add on, she have kindly give us some templates to make our prototype much more realistic. This is something new. This additional information that she gave us can also be used to make our presentation much more professional.

Since this is the last week of school, it also implies the end is near. On our hand, we have to complete not only the business project, but also all the individual small assignments that was given to us.

Nonetheless, school is school, life is life. On 25th August, we made our way to the zoo in Finland. We were curious what animals do they have. We were the first to reach, last to leave, literally. The lions, cheetahs, leopards and tigers were surprisingly so active during our visit. To add on, we observed bears being fed, owls eating dead mice, goats and sheep climbing up steep slopes. It truly was a good experience and if you got the time, I will suggest you to visit this place. Just like that, another week past by. One week closer to Year 2.

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