After sitting down for many hours at the International Design Center each day, many of us were itching to be more active. Thankfully, many SUTD Ultimate Frisbee players were here too, including the Vice-President. Thus began our weekly agenda of playing Frisbee at the Field after long days in front of the monitor.

I am also proud to say that we brought in the Frisbee culture to Zhejiang. A group of Chinese students approached us and asked us what we were playing (apparently Frisbee is not that popular here). We told them that it was a 飞盘 and tossed the Frisbee to each other for a good hour or so. It was really fun.

Giving Back

This Friday, we took a tour in the 杭州市湖墅学校 (Hangzhou ShiHu School), the location where we will be having our Community Involvement Program. The school is a special needs school but it didn’t feel like it all. The principal and his staff made great efforts to integrate these kids into society. There was a mock supermarket, car-wash and even a milk tea shop where these kids can practice practical skills in a safe environment. We were even greeted by a free cup of home brewed milk tea by these students! We hope to give these kids the best SUTD has to offer in the following weeks with them.


As adventure-seekers, we try to find new places in Hangzhou to explore every week. after visiting the mountain last week, we decided to venture further out even more. We visited  Paris of China at 浙江省杭州市余杭区场环路 and continued into the 天都公园 where we saw tons of couples having their wedding shoot. It was rather hilarious.


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