Towards the end of the week, things got more interesting altogether:

Design Fiction

I vividly remember how I barely touched any of the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, especially Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro during 3.007 (I was focussed more on product development anyway), and so it came as a surprise to me when I found out the relative ease of using Adobe Illustrator, as seen in the design of our product’s logo and slogan. We also had to put together a 15-sec video about our product, which (unsurprisingly) did not take too much effort at all.

Google taught me everything I knew to design this logo


‘Having a wholesome 淘ster (a play on the word toaster and 淘宝) gives you a wholesome life’







We were shown around ZJU’s CAD & CG Lab, which showcased some of their latest projects between computer and human interaction. I guess this was the best showcase so far just because it gave us a glimpse of how the future might be. My favorite had to be the immersive VR experience, because it was something I had not really experience before, and I believe it is as close as we can get to being actually inside a virtual world for now (in terms of sight and sounds of course). They replicated the environment so well that I almost thought I was at the place itself.


天都城 Tianducheng

The week was concluded with a visit to Tianducheng, a.k.a ‘Paris of the East’. Stepping into the place gives one quite the feel of being in a French village, especially because the streets are adorned with French neoclassical-style buildings. Although I felt that the Chinese words on these buildings could have been done away with, it is as though the Chinese words serve the purpose of reminding people that it is still a Chinese ‘rip-off’ of the real Paris. Funnily enough, it also reminded me of how most things in the world now are branded with the ‘Made in China’ label, and this place is no exception to it as well.

An overview of the entire tianducheng from tianducheng park. The ‘eiffel tower’ is in the far background
‘Castle on the Hill – Ed Sheeran’? Probably a different castle on a different hill







Scenic view of tianducheng park
Feels like as if I was visiting a countryside farm







Finally, the main attraction of Tianducheng: the ‘Eiffel Tower’.

very recommended, many wow, 10/10
much lit, totally not rip-off, such attraction
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