Week 2: >START<

This week marks the official start of our ALP journey, all the participants of ALP have finally reached and settled down and we had our orientation. It was a week of many firsts for us; We were assigned a workspace for our group to meet and discuss on our project, I’m sure we will spend a lot of time there.

Wesson’s first lesson

Our group was also assigned our first task – to present on a research paper on GAN which we will be using in our project.

Alreading working hard in our second week 🙂 yay ALP
Featuring Ashlyn-senpai sharing her divine knowledge

We had initially assumed that it was a semi-formal activity where we would simply present to our professor in a classroom. We did not expect that we would be presenting to our supporting company, and it was to their engineers no less! We were slightly unnerved but it went well in the end, we ended up enjoying the trip down. The journey to the company was quite the adventure as well; We took a cab there and the driver had sick maneuvering skills, frequently accelerating as he switched lanes, keeping us at the edge of our seats.

Before the presentation

Our group with the supporting company’s engineers

Featuring our funny TA getting cozy during our presentation

Our first team dinner (full attendance!) after the presentation

Over the weekend, some of us decided to climb 北高峰. It rained and the path was slippery. We got lost a number of times but we were soon back on the right track after asking the locals for directions.

These are our 2 group leaders, they are pretty weird.
Keng Hin wore slippers up the mountain. He fell and was sad.


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