Week 2, The fun just started


It’s the second week of our ALP program and finally, everyone has arrived.

On Monday (14/5/2018), we had our official opening ceremony together, our ZJU professor shared with us the tips to strive in our ALP program, encouraged us to be an active participant, rather than a passive recipient, and wished us the best for the next few months. We are inspired greatly by the work done by the seniors in previous years and will work hard for the next 3 months.

On the same day, we met our theme mentors and are brought to our workplace. Each of us is given a big and comfortable table to work on our projects.

Well, classes are starting soon but we are still not used to the weather. It was cold just few days back, but now, the weather is like 30+ degrees?! That was a quick change in weather. It feels as if we are going to go back to the Singapore weather soon and we are not prepared for this. 3 more months and many warmer weathers to come.

Meeting with our seniors and TA’s under the same theme was great too. We went out for a good Mexican meal near our school and bonded through some card games. The seniors are very knowledgeable and experienced, and we hope to learn many new things from them by the end of our ALP program.

Did somebody say OPEN JIO FRISBEE??? It was a great time having so many people gathering together for a short game.

Finally, we started our first Design Fiction lesson on Thursday. Our professor inspired us with many design ideas and some videos done by seniors. We are then given some time to make our story on ‘How to make a toast?’. In 4 hours, we are tasked to make a storyboard, draw it as sketches on 20 pieces of cards and present them in categories (card sorting). We had some good time listening to those funny stories.

Looking forward to week 3.

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