This week  we officially embarked our  ALP journey. Things are going to be more serious after our ”honeymoon’ time 🙂

A Recall for Our Honeymoon Period(First Two Weeks):

(Tmall Idea Shop)

(Tmall Idea Shop)

(World Industrial Design Conference 2018)

Now, back to reality

The DIP(Design Information Programme) course we are assigned to is like another 3.007 and this high frequency of meeting up drives away our ”holiday’ mood .There was a presentation of zju students from Industrial Design background and each of us are assigned to one group of them to help them manifest their ideas through machine learning. The TAs did really help a lot and they helped each of us get an Apple iMac from Prof Sun (WOW!).

   Presentation for DIP

We are almost meeting up every day for this ‘design’ course and at the same time, we are given small tasks which will be using concepts of machine learning.TA introduced us some useful websites for machine learning and we are gradually learning how to make use of tools like Tensorflow to better meet designers’ (from zju) need.

At the start of the DIP course, some of us facing language issues and they couldn’t have an efficient discussion but most of the zju students are very friendly and willing to try to communicate in English.Hope we all gradually become more ‘默契’ with each other and enjoy our second 3.007 project ~

Fortunately, the ‘Back Street'(后街) is ‘supper-seeker’ friendly!!Most of the shops are still open at late night,especially for BBQ restaurants

(This was shot at 23.30)

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