This week, we had a long holiday because of Chuseok!
Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving. As a celebration of the good harvest, Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and share a feast of Korean traditional food.

Since we have the week off, some friends from SUTD and I decided to make a trip down to Busan. We were feeling adventurous, and decided to cycle all the way from Seoul to Busan, on the 4 rivers cycling route.

We spent roughly 6 days, and travelled 600+km to get there.

on our way

There were proper bike paths all the way, save for some small sections. However, be warned about the steep mountains you’d have to climb!!
There is no route to avoid them, so do be mentally prepared before embarking on the journey.

celebratory picture at the top of the mountain!

There were many more mountains on the days following this, and they are much steeper. Most of us had to get off our bikes and push. Even on lowest gear, our hybrid bikes were no match for the incline.

We had 2 days to spend in Busan before we had to head back to Seoul. Here are some things you could do there:

fresh seafood at Jalgachi Market
  1. Jalgachi Market
    One of the largest seafood markets in Korea. You can buy seafood from the first floor, and head up to the second floor where there are restaurants that will cook them for you.
View from Yongin Temple

2. Yongin Temple
It is known as the most beautiful temple in Korea.

Gamchyeon Cultural Village

3. Gamchyeon Cultural Village
is also a great place to take nice pictures! There are many little cafes, and quirky murals.

Busan is a great place to visit, and be sure to check out these places!
Till the next adventure 🙂

– Melissa

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