So real DIP work has started. Ideas are starting to pivot, which guess what that means?? More work for us all! YAY!


Once again, DIP is at the top of my blog because it is what I spend most of my time on again. It’s really non-stop DIP from here on out :’) yay.

HUSHU School

Remember 2 weeks back I went to Hushu School to conduct lessons for some of the students there? This week we went back again! This time we were learning from the students instead.

It was a very different lesson from the previous 2. As this lesson was planned for the eldest students in Hushu School, we had intended to organise some dancing lessons and a session for us to interact with them. However when we reached the school, their teachers had offered us to join them in their vocational training instead. We were really excited because not only would this be a great opportunity for the students to teach us and share their knowledge, but we also get to experience first-hand the type of training they go through.

I must say, we were all really impressed at the variety of skillsets Hushu school equips their students with. This training includes making 奶茶, 葱油饼, brownies, ornament-making and et cetera. And they were really good at it! I joined the milk tea lesson (of course free milk tea HAHA) and wow! The students were very proficient in making their drinks and in teaching us. They were so familiar with the steps that they could practically memorize the entire recipe and recited it to us.

Tasting our first cup of milk tea, all of us were YAY! At least our drinks were decent haha. We also made a round to see the other classes, and boy was it fun eating the 葱油饼 they made. We were really impressed with the skills that the students had and we were really glad that Hushu school teachers and staff all put in so much effort to help their students. I’m sure they are what the students need the most, a group of experts who knows how best to help them and prepare them for work in the future.

And thats all for this week! Let’s hope next week will be even better!

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