Hello everybody, it’s theme 4 reporting our weekly blog once again! This week was filled with exciting adventures and much progress for our project.

After many hours of hard work and research, we finally got to get our hands dirty and perform a Brain Analysis experiment (on Wesson) for our project. The poor soul had to sit still in a small room while the technicians applied tons of Electro-Gel on his head for an hour, only to sit in the room for another hour to look at powerpoint slides of stock images. The things we(sson) do FOR SCIENCE!

The experiment allowed us to see the path ahead. We became more grounded with our work as we could finally see some tangible results.

After the experiment we went on to have an exciting Mexican food experience at Mojitos (pronounced MOH-HEE-TOES), recommended by one of the TAs, named Raif (pronounced RAH-HEEF) of our project (who was Mexican). They have a daily offer where one food item on their menu would be a flat 15 Yuan and it just so happened that Enchiladas were on promotion that day. We all thought that the food was pretty good, except for Raif, who said that the food here could not compete with the original back at home. *Speaking of home, I am craving for some nice TEH ON THE ROCKS.*

We also invited to a Bands Battle by an international student who we met through playing frisbee. The battle was held at a 9 Bar and there were 5 local bands, all formed by ZJU Students, oh man are they good. Everyone was having a really good time enjoying the music. This would not be the last time we are coming here for a night activity.



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