During Week 7, for my Public Speaking Class, I have the most interesting final examination ever: a formal dinner. During this dinner, all students are assigned a different role, and we have to deliver a speech each. Many interesting speeches were surfaced on that evening, especially toasts, in which the students have to make fun of the teachers in a friendly and non-offensive way. Moreover, we had a point-counterpoint on whether we should put milk or cereal first.

Personally, I was assigned the topic of giving testimony to an Aug 9th event, and I chose to speak on Singapore’s National Day, and how Singaporeans transformed Singapore from a fishing village to a modern metropolis in just 50 years. After the speech, I was pleasantly delighted when one of my Stanford classmates said, “You moved me”. I was heartened that I made tremendous improvement during the past 2 months and I am happy for my own growth.

The dinner was the most enjoyable final examination I have ever taken, and it will always have a place in my heart.

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