Perhaps the title a bit misleading, it has nothing to do with any walks nor the Great Walk of China. Instead, it just means that the workload has finally toned down. I am preparing myself for the long awaited recess week.


I found a pretty decent movie theater nearby the campus, about 15 minutes cycle away. This week I watched 2 different movies, Incredibles 2 and Jurrassic World for only 20 Yuans (~$4SGD) each. It felt good to finally catch the sequel of the childhood movie that I adored.


Walmart, an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, unfortunately does not exist in Singapore. When we found out that there was one nearby our campus, we needed to see the scale of this monster supermarket ourselves. Indeed, there were row and rows of international and domestic groceries for our choosing. There were 3 stories and it took us 2 hours to finish combing the place.

I guess that the large population in China proofed the need of such a huge supermarket – to feed its people.

Bubble Tea

I know it may seem like a trivial topic to blog about but give me chance alright?  I for one, absolutely love drinking Milk Tea. In Singapore, I would treat myself to KOI every now and then. But here in Hangzhou, well, it’s a different story. For the past week I have been consuming this like ambrosia. The price of each cup is half of what we would pay back in Singapore and there are just so many flavours to choose from. In the vicinity of the campus alone, there are 10 such bubble tea shops.

I realized that there is huge competition in this market and wonder how hard it is for a business to survive in China. The people here are real hustlers and I wish to take back some of their entrepreneurial spirit.


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