Recess week is finally here and I’ll be spending my time in Guangzhou!. Guangzhou, also known as Canton, is the capital and most populous city of the province of Guangdong. People here are more fluent in Cantonese (a dialect of Chinese) than regular Chinese. This was quite the problem during my time here as I am already not so good at regular Chinese. Nonetheless, I have managed to survive here while enjoying most of the local delicacies and scenic views.


As we know, Dim Sum originated in Canton/Guangzhou. What could be more exciting than trying Dim Sum at its roots? In our time in Guangzhou, we spent at least 1 meal a day eating Dim Sum and we never got bored of it. The ingredients used were very fresh, even for the street stalls. Most importantly, it was cheap.


We explored various areas of Guangzhou. Such as Bai Yun Shan, Canton Tower and a few parks. We also cycled along the Guangzhou River, which was about 15km long. The view along the river reminded me of Clarke Quay back in Singapore. Oh how all of these subtle resemblances make me miss home!





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