The super big Shanghai train station!

It was finally Monday, the day we had to head back to Hangzhou and with a tinge of sadness, we took the high-speed rail back to Hangzhou awaiting our next exciting adventure in China.

Filming time
Our final products

On Monday night, it was also time for the filming of our final product of the paper actuators which was acumination of all our efforts in making the product. After designing the book and preparing the paper actuators it was time for filming. Seeing the product move through the use of a heat gun on the first attempt and filming the entire process put a smile on my face as all that effort had not gone to waste and we had created a decent product. After the filming was finished, it was time for the report which we were quite glad to do as it was quite short.

Presentation time or the people in DIP

On Wednesday night it was time for us to see the results of the DIP projects that some of us in ALP had taken part in. Over the course of the past several weeks, quite a few of the ALP students had been working on their DIP project tirelessly and I was quite excited to see what they had produced. I was quite impressed with all the projects as they had achieved quite a lot in the span of just over a month. All their prototypes were quite well polished for such a short time span and it just shows that SUTD students really work hard and fast for their projects. One of the projects that stood out for me was the Honey jar project that I felt solved a big real-world problem of teaching children the value of money in a country that has totally gone cashless. Their product not only used machine learning but also solved the problem in an elegant and interesting way which made it stand out. The way that they presented the project was also different from our 3.007 project where we had to produce a poster, video and display the product in an exhibition area. Instead, all teams had to do not only a video and product but also a presentation on a stage with a large crowd watching them similar to an APPLE keynote presentation. I bet it was a whole different vibe to what we had experienced in 3.007 but in the end, they all pulled through and that is what matters.


It’s time for another trip out of Hangzhou and this time we are going to Huang shang and the climb up the mountain is supposed to be quite steep so let’s hope for a fun and pleasant journey.

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