It’s been one week since my trip to Sichuan, and guess what? It’s time to work again! HAHA even though DIP is officially over, but now we move on to finish up our theme’s actual assignment.


If you have been following my blog (I hope y’all have been! Woohoo!) you might have figured out that for the past 8 weeks or so, I have not touched much of machine learning/AI. WHAT? But that’s my theme’s focus, right? I know. Turns out most of my DIP work was focused on linking up Arduino and Rpis, so the entire learning of ML (machine learning for short y’all) was put on hold.

Which means… It’s time to start working on it. I had actually started a crash-course to Tensorflow recommended by our TA. But seeing that it’s been a while since I touched it, I spent most of this week catching up on what I’ve missed out. I’m not gonna bore you guys with the details so here’s the link if anyone reading is interested: (Vote me for most helpful blog pls)

Some thoughts

Maybe it’s after travelling further out into China and experiencing more of the country, but ever since I came back to Hangzhou I became more appreciative of how developed our city area is.

Every few blocks you’ll come across a Family-mart or some other convenience store. An ice cream or a bottle of cold water is not hard to find at all. While travelling around the Sichuan-Tibetan areas, perhaps only within the bigger villages you could find such cold treats readily. Of course these things are luxury items when we travel, but it was definitely something I craved the most while travelling around. It reminded me of how fortunate we are to live in cities where everything is so convenient.

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