After a nice, long week of rest, it’s time to get back on track.

Brain Data (EEG)

Our primary mode of collecting brain data for our project was through the use of electroencephalography (EEG). To conduct this experiment, we would have to travel to a lab at the Yuquan Campus. Yuquan Campus was where we met our Mexican TA, Raif, who briefly introduced us to neuromarketing and how our experiment would help in this field. The experiment is a long and tiresome one, both for the test subject and the ones helping to set up the experiment. The most difficult part of setting up the experiment was applying electric gel to the test subject’s head such that there was good contact between the electrodes and the person’s scalp (this was essential for detecting brain signals). It takes about an hour to get optimal contact for all electrodes (66 of them). After that, it was another 4 hours of monitoring the test subject’s brain wave.

After collecting the brain data, we had to make sense of it. We first applied a normalization technique followed by splicing the brain waves. Finally, we labelled the brain waves with the corresponding class of image. This was all done using our prior knowledge from our freshmore mod – Digital World. It feels great to be able to apply what we have learnt in theory.

Obviously, this was a task that cannot be done alone. Thanks to such amazing team members, we were able to split the workload easily and stay on track for this week.

Next week, we will be gathering data using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which will allow us to have a scan of the brain at high resolution. We are so excited!

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