Week 9 was recess week! And honestly nothing much happened for me apart from getting sick and resting and recuperating most of the time. Also, I failed to mention what happened at week 8 at Caoban and wanted to wait for my emotions to cool from that experience before I could be objective and really try to see from their point of view, so I will write week 9’s blog on reflecting what happened over at Caoban.

Canban as a short background is a kitchen appliance manufacturing and design company. They brought us through the showroom, assembling and quality control areas of that facility. Well it was an interesting experience nonetheless at Caoban, but most of the time it felt rather bad, because they were talking to us like none of us know how to take care of ourselves in the kitchen. Well it was upon reflection and confirmed with a local that I spoke with that in general, even university students here generally do not cook by themselves due to lack of time and or have family that care for that aspect of their needs.

This was honestly the first time where I felt a cultural difference really had an impact on perception and understanding of each other since the time I have been here. Majority of the time such differences were so miniscule that it was not a big issue to both parties and maybe because at those times it was a more casual setting which allowed for a greater openness of our mindsets and not fall into the pits of assumptions.

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