3 days left to final presentation! Everyone in the team is diligently completing their assigned task. I am in charge of creating the presentation slides. Attempting to simplify the complicated concepts, I used flow charts and diagrams to explain the concepts. After working on it the entire night, I was finally done.

Today was our first rehearsal for the final presentation. At the final presentation location, our theme posters, cultural trip posters and our plates (made during the pottery trip) were neatly organised and displayed. Having waited for our plates to arrive for more than 2 weeks, I was quite excited to see our plates.

While there was good news, there was also bad news. Our teammates and professor feed-backed that our presentation was too technical and complicated for students to understand. Comparing to the other teams, our group was less interactive and engaging as well. After the rehearsal, we stayed back and discussed on possible improvements we could make to our presentation. Ultimately, we decided to summarize the main ideas of our model and focus more on the applications and future works of our model. This way we could make the presentation more interactive and relatable.

Right after dinner, we began brainstorming on the details of our presentation. Soon, we were editing the presentation slides. Everyone in our team was present to give moral support to our presenter and provide feedback as an audience. While waiting for our presenter to touch up on his slides, our fellow teammates decided to play the guitar and sing. Nice singing, friend! I guess I would be sleeping late tonight, but thanks to my teammates, it was a fun night.

Team work

Guitar performance

Well, back to the presentation slides. I am thankful to our teammates who stayed back and taught me presentation skills. 🙂

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