Our final Origami Robot exhibition happened this Thursday, we worked really really hard for the past few days and spent a lot of time on decorating our fish robot, assembling the motors and connecting the circuits on the breadboard,even the posters and videos took a lot of efforts. It is nice model in our view although it didn’t get high score(interaction not very good). After the exhibition we just got crashed. It impressed me a lot that I saw a bunch of good pieces of our fellows on the show, for example the dog, you can actually feed him and it will detect you and be happy.That is the end of our Origami Robot courses, it is nice course but honestly we just want to get rid of this as soon as possible hahh(cannot afford to do project the whole day)

On Monday I had a chance to have a look at the excellent art pieces in Nanshan campus with Rambo and some seniors. Can’t say how it differs with science and engineers design, many of them are weird I’d like to say, I can’t appreciate in depth, but they are excellent, beyond our thinking. The one left me with the deepest impression is called sewing character(缝出来的字–我用没有打结的针线在纸上写字,写完后自然而然的留下一段印痕). It is simple art in my eye, so simple that there is no point taking a photo to record, that you won’t forget, unlike many the rest that you will be supurised by the details, the complexity.When you are reading such an sewing characters, you maybe cannot see what the writer tried to express, but you know it is something mysterious….For some reason or another, this pieces won gold prize, it derserves gold prize.

This Saturday I went to 南宋御街, where all kinds of tea, silk, food is being sold. It was hard to forget that we can try all kinds of food on the street(试吃了一条街). In the afternoon we had a cup of tea together. Travel is exhausting but relaxing.

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