( Due to some technical issues I am not able to upload my pictures, sad:( )

DIP is the short name of Information Product Design. This week we took part in their conceptual product launch event.

The most interesting one I think is a screen driven by fish. This team use the motions and movements of a fish and transform them to the changing lines on the screen, which makes it quite beautiful.

One thing makes me surprise is at least two of five group use holographic laser projection in their projects.

Origami robot, which we have done in previous weeks, is also been showed on this event, but it was done by seniors instead of us lol. They did a nice job and made the robot very vivid.

Our Prof Zhang also did a presentation of his class. One of his student make a wearable piano which was very interesting haha, the senior post a short video of the piano on web and receive 403 thousand clicks. This senior also combine his poster with the piano so visitors can interact with the poster, that is a creative idea.

One thing important, this week we went to Yuquan to have our group meeting, the food in Yuquan is veryyyyyy delicious! I missed it sooooo much, especially 笋干鸭汤煲 and 老南瓜. Once I ate 桂花小圆子 in Ningbo and this time I tried Hangzhou’s, it’s not as sweet as Ningbo’s but it’s still soft and cute. And 鲈鱼 is very nice, I like those fish without (or have less) bones.


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