A little late but here’s the update from our theme about last week!

Design Fiction

Last week we had to submit our final video project as a wrap up for our 5 lessons. we were tasked to create a video on ‘gen Z’ and i’ll just upload our group’s video here for you entertainment (it’s more legit than you think)

Major thanks to Mae-sy for tanking the production of our video and also shoutout to Mae-sy’s sister for being our 10/10 actress.

Design Thinking

Thus with the conclusion of our first course here at ZJU, we began our next course, Design Thinking, last Tuesday. During the lesson we were introduce to a new actuator created by a team of ZJU researchers. It made use of regular PLA/ABS filament printed onto paper which could curl and straighten in response to just heat.

Playing around with the 3D doodle pen for the first time (clearly making good use of the free resources here :))

Our task for this course is to create a book based on any topic or idea of our choosing that made use of the actuator to move in some way. Our team (JJ, Mae-sy and I) chose to take some inspiration from our main light project by creating a book of calmness. the idea is to make use of expanding or moving shapes to guide the users breathing as a form of meditation.

A sampling of our prototypes of possible shapes

Team project

Carrying on from where we left off last week, we continued on with our brainstorming process and also ran through them with our professors and TAs once again.

Presentation of sketches
A insider look into our meetings ft. our ninja prof

Surely and steadily our project is coming together and hopefully soon we can move on to prototyping!

Guess that’s all for now! stay tuned for more updates of our xiao exciting lives in the motherland <3

cheers! cheryl

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