Hear it first-hand from our graduates’ parents.

“Design thinking will help Singapore’s young to be ‘innovative problem solvers’.”
– Minister of Education, Lawrence Wong

Future-focused, interdisciplinary, and hands-on — our unique approach to education is what gives SUTD graduates the edge to be Design Innovators of tomorrow. Beyond the promise of traditional academic excellence, our emphasis on technology, design, and innovation empowers our students to become technically-grounded leaders of tomorrow.

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But, is our non-traditional approach to education a risk to your child’s future? Hear it from our graduates’ parents.

Out-of-the-box thinking
Interdisciplinary skills and out-of-the-box problem-solving — as Singapore transforms into a Smart Nation and the world moves towards Industry 4.0, we ensure that our students, aka Design Innovators, are well-equipped with the expertise to tackle challenges of the future.

To the parents of Joshua Cheong, graduate of the Information Systems Technology and Design programme, SUTD is a “good choice” if you’re “looking for a different way of learning (for your child). With its cross-disciplinary curriculum and emphasis on innovation, creativity and design, SUTD will broaden your child’s education.”

Joshua Cheong is currently a Digital Innovation Lead, Assistant Vice President at Citi Commercial Bank.

This broad and innovative perspective is highly sought after by employers in digitally transforming industries—which forms the basis of Singapore’s forward-looking economy and development.

Also check out: Design thinking will help Singapore’s young to be ‘innovative problem solvers’, says Minister of Education, Lawrence Wong

“SUTD has groomed my son to be a man who is able to look into problems from many perspectives. He will be a very good engineer, and be able to excel in his profession and contribute to society.”

The SUTD Edge
As SUTD takes on a future-focused approach to education, we believe that our students should also possess the desire and ability to learn. To that end, we instil in them a strong foundation of self-learning, or ‘learning to learn’, that allows them to tackle open-ended projects not only within the SUTD curriculum, but also unforeseen challenges that they will face in their future workplaces.

As part of their Capstone Project, students from Project Qurie created an AI-augmented histopathology platform to detect cancerous cells.

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Parents of Ian Ho, graduate of the Engineering Systems and Design programme, shares the importance of nurturing one’s passion. “Besides a strong academic footing, having passion in one’s pursuit of knowledge and life really is the fuel of energy, the foundation for excellence and the first step in everything.”

Ian Ho is currently a Project Manager at DHL Supply Chain.

SUTD’s unique approach to education has yielded results through our graduates’ successes. Our design-centric learning has nurtured Forbes-recognised alumni, and students who received prestigious awards such as the James Dyson Award and Coup de Coeur Award.

Meet Nabila Larasati Pranoto, winner of the prestigious Coup de Coeur Award (“Architecture and Issue of Sea Level Rise” category)

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Mr Eddy Teo, who had initially thought that SUTD’s non-traditional approach to education was risky, is now a proud father of two SUTD graduates who are thriving at Procter & Gamble and RedMart.

“Seeing how (the both of them) have turned out, I am really glad. I can see how their life has changed, how they have transformed, and SUTD has played a very big role in that.”

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