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Do you wonder how you can use AI to detect diseases earlier? Or how to make digital banking so safe that even grandma can do it without worry?

If you dream of becoming a female innovator who finds amazing new ideas and innovations in opportunities like these, then your aspirations are in line with our vision.

At SUTD, our vision – A Better World by Design – is born out of a passion for improving everyday lives through the power of innovation. Technology and design have the potential to change communities for the better if used in the right way. Imagine faster and more accurate cancer diagnoses without the need for extra manpower thanks to AI-powered tools. Or even cybersecurity programmes capable of learning, allowing it to recognise new threats way better than all currently available systems.

Design thinking is a foundation of SUTD’s education to make sure that the solutions we create are ethical, efficient and beneficial to humankind.

What role can AI have in music?

Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) Assistant Professor, Dorien Herremans has quite an impressive background. A recipient of the prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London, she also holds a joint-appointment at A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing, and is a certified instructor for NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.

Dr Herremans’ focus area is in the application of AI in music. While at Queen Mary University, she worked on MorpheuS, an automatic music generation system that’s driven by machine learning.

“In the days before Spotify and Pandora, many people did not see the use of AI in music,” says Dr Herremans. Today, she uses techniques that are more commonly found in operations research to teach AI not only to compose music but also for top chart predictions with up to 70% accuracy.

Her music-composing algorithm was featured in the Channel News Asia documentary, “Algorithms: How they rule our world”. Watch it here (Dr Herremans’ section starts from the 17:30-minute mark onwards).

Unlocking the Possibilities of AI

As development of AI increases in complexity, the range of its potential applications also expands tremendously. AI was mostly used in highly structured, process driven systems but now is applied in things that were once thought only possible by human minds – just like music composition.

Qurie, designed by SUTD students as part of their final year Capstone project, is an all-in-one, AI-augmented, digital histopathology platform to streamline the work of cancer researchers.

Harnessing our unique multi-disciplinary capabilities, SUTD has launched a new world-first Design and Artificial Intelligence (DAI) degree programme aimed at producing a new generation of designers and innovators for an AI-driven world.  Unlike most computer science-focused programmes, the DAI programme focuses on better design with the help of AI. It dives into the application of AI-driven design across products, systems, services and built environments. What lies in the future is as exciting as it is intriguing thanks to visionaries leading the field into new territories beyond imagination, just like Dr Herremans, and potentially, just like you.

If the thought of being an innovator in this field and building a better world excites you, find out more about DAI here.

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