SUTD Visual Research – Urban Floods

Find out more about the research, as well as Associate Professor Stefano Galelli’s other works at

The Force Behind the Robots

Find out the challenges and lessons learnt from participants of the annual IDC Robocon.

Designing today’s cities for tomorrow’s climate

To ensure the resilience of urban cities amid a changing climate, SUTD is leading innovative multi-disciplinary efforts leveraging sustainable architecture, big data and citizen science. Photo credits: Jiachen Lin With its gleaming skyline, lush greenery and...

SUTD Visual Research – BrakTooth: Vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Devices

The attack code has been made public since 1 Nov, 2021. Any Bluetooth SoC and module vendors can access the code to evaluate the security of their devices at: Deep dive into 'BrakTooth: Causing Havoc on...

Fast Five with Dr Desmond Loke

We sat down with Desmond, SUTD's Assistant Professor of Science cluster, for a quick chat on his works and his personal life

LEADING WOMEN IN TECH & DESIGN: At the cutting edge of music and AI

Assistant Professor Dorien Herremans talks to #WeAreSUTD about pursuing her passion in the male-dominated world of music and machine-learning How do you know if a song would become a hit on the music charts? How...

SUTD Visual Research – Carbon Footprint of E-commerce Shipping Options

View the research paper Find out more about Associate Professor Lynette Cheah and her research at
Professor Jianxi Luo sharing about design and innovation.

Augmenting Human Creativity with Data-Driven Innovation

Human creativity is the crux of innovation, spurring inventions that have shaped the world as we know it. From the first stone tools to generative artificial intelligence (AI), we have continually improved the way...

SUTD 2021 – A Year in Review

We are proud of what our students, faculty and staff have achieved.  Visit to find out more and join us in celebrating their accolades. Like what you just read? Have a query for our students...

KISS, Korea 2022: Recreation outside of class

Outside of class the summer school friends, and I went to the nearby arcades, karaoke, cafes and jjimjilbangs to hang out. The arcades had fun baseball batting cages. We sang for many hours straight...