Did you know that we produced the highest-earning graduates amongst local universities this year? Read on to discover the unique qualities SUTD students (aka SUTDents) have that set them apart from their peers.

1. Desire to better the world
SUTDents are passionate about using technology and design to better the world – constantly seeking ways to improve lives, grow economies and benefit society in meaningful ways.

Kumo is a modular farming system that’s designed to fit on any office rooftops in Singapore.

This has led to a large diversity of projects to make the world a better place in ways both big and small, such as securing homes with edge computing home-intrusion detection devices, or using analytics to help DBS Bank predict customer traffic to better allocate manpower to meet demands. Other projects meet community needs, like a modular urban farming system designed for office rooftops, or a backend system that helps F&B outlets digitise their businesses. SUTDents have even made life-saving breakthroughs, utilising AI to revolutionise cancer research, and helping disaster contingency planners turn data into life-saving decisions.

2. The Entrepreneurial Spirit
The strong entrepreneurial culture here at SUTD has much to do with the school’s pedagogy. Entrepreneurial education is provided at every level, from our undergraduate to PhD programmes, to prepare SUTDents for everything from seeking funding, to intellectual property laws and more, so that they’re equipped to develop their ideas to marketable products/services. Our Venture Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VIE) provides mentorship guidance and funding support, and we even provide co-working space and mentorship opportunities. Many projects have gone on to become successful businesses. In fact, more than 40 SUTDents start-ups have already been established thus far!

Meet the team behind the Capstone project MoBlocks, who have gone on to found their startup The Kiap Family.

Even for SUTDents who choose not to start their own businesses after graduation, they still benefit from SUTD’s entrepreneurship programmes. SUTDents develop resourcefulness, and agile minds which are tuned to innovation, creativity, and agile problem-solving. This ability to overcome obstacles and bounce back from failure is invaluable in any line of work.

3. Hands-on Makers
Our strong emphasis on “maker culture” equips SUTDents with the skills and know-how to turn their project plans into physical prototypes. The 3,000 square-metre Fabrication Lab has ten well-equipped sections, including the 3D Printing section that boasts more than 60 3D printers, and the Metal Machining section with its cutting-edge waterjet machines.

Turn concepts into creations in our (very well-equipped, if we may say so!) Fabrication Lab

The focus on a hands-on pedagogy also allows SUTDents to internalise the theories they learn, and implement them in real-world applications. For instance, SUTD’s 2D projects require SUTDents to integrate and apply the technical content of two or more courses into a project.

4. Fast and independent learners
The ability to pick up new skills and learn on their own is a hallmark of every SUTDent. With SUTD’s project-centric curriculum, most modules require them to conceptualise and build a working prototype. SUTDents quickly become adept at doing their own research and learning, and picking up whichever skills are necessary to get the job done.

Alumnus Yos Yohannes tells us about his favourite projects

As such, they learn to be responsible for their own learning, and are willing to step up when the occasion calls for it – whether it’s picking up a new coding language, or doing in-depth research into an unfamiliar topic.

5. Problem solvers
SUTDents are constantly provided with opportunities to experiment and creatively problem-solve. These can come in the form of school projects, undergraduate research, and even student-led interest groups.

Did you know that our campus’ Contactless Wayfinding Installation is made by our students?

In line with our focus on design thinking, SUTDents are taught how to address problems from a user’s perspective, and break down the innovation process into methodological steps. As such, SUTDents acquire practical and relevant experience in problem solving even before they graduate.

6. Experienced collaborators
Thanks to our project-focused curriculum, where most modules involve group projects, SUTDents are no strangers to collaborative work. Working regularly in teams teaches them to become both better leaders and team players. These invaluable soft skills are also honed through Fifth Rows, co-curricular activities where SUTDents pursue their passions and interests.

In the Computation Structures course, our students are tasked to create an electronic game from scratch!

Through working with people with diverse working styles and backgrounds, students become effective in making the best out of group dynamics. These communication and collaborative skills are also key to the success of their Capstone Projects, where they work on in teams of five to seven members from at least two different majors. In fact, some of these team members even go on to become business partners!

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