SUTD Visual Research – better understanding smartphone use and its impact

With an estimation of more than 6 billion smartphone users globally, there's increasing interest in how we use our smartphones, and the effects different types of uses lead to. The researchers also conducted an in-depth...

SUTD Visual Research – Novel 2D Semiconductors in Energy-Efficient Electronics

Read the paper Efficient Ohmic contacts and built-in atomic sublayer protection in MoSiN4 and WSi2N4 monolayers at: Dr Ang Yee Sin is an assistant professor at the Science, Mathematics, and Technology Cluster at SUTD, where...

SUTD Visual Research – Generative AI Design in Architecture

Fascinated? Find out more about the research by Sam Conrad Joyce and Ibrahum Nazim here: Exploring the Evolution of Meta Parametric Models User Directed Meta Parametric Design for Option Exploration Try the demos here: Floor Plan Designer Urban Block...

SUTD Visual Research – BrakTooth: Vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Devices

The attack code has been made public since 1 Nov, 2021. Any Bluetooth SoC and module vendors can access the code to evaluate the security of their devices at: Deep dive into 'BrakTooth: Causing Havoc on...

SUTD Visual Research – Nature Inspired Aerial Crafts

Read more about nature inspired aerial crafts from these links: Design, Modelling and Control of Collaborative Samara Autorotating Wings (SAW) An Agile Samara-Inspired Single-Actuator Aerial Robot Capable of Autorotation and Diving Joint Mechanical Design and Flight Control...

SUTD Visual Research – Novel Hybrid Resins in Soft Robotics

Find out how this breakthrough was achieved in the paper ‘Silicone/epoxy hybrid resins with tunable mechanical and interfacial properties for additive manufacture of soft robots’: Find out more about the Professor:

SUTD Visual Research – Recognising Emotions in Conversations with DialogueGCN

Read more on the paper: DialogueGCN: A Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversation at: Doctor Soujanya Poria is an assistant professor of Computer Science at SUTD and a senior member at the DeCLaRe...

SUTD Visual Research – IoT for Green Building Management

Read up on IoT for Green Building Management Get to know SUTD Professor Yuen Chau and his work

SUTD Visual Research – Testing Group Fairness via Optimal Transport Projections

To find out more about Assistant Professor Karthyek Murthy and his research, visit

SUTD Visual Research – Sustainability Reporting in Singapore

Want to know if there has been a genuine change? Visit Find out more about Gordon Tan at