10 things to look out for at the SUTD Open House 2018

The SUTD Open House 2018 is right around the corner! Are you excited about it yet? With many of our faculty and students putting the final touches on their workshops, performances and interactive booths,...

Future Ready – How These Student Clubs are Preparing for Tomorrow’s Economy

University student clubs aren't typically associated with being at the forefront of innovation and technology, but at SUTD there are a few that would buck this view.

Class at UC Berkeley Extension

Hi Everyone! Jian Li here! Let me bring you through a class in UC Berkeley Extension. At UC Berkeley Extension, the 5 of us from SUTD were put under the International Diploma Program for Entrepreneurship. Courses...

Day 3 at UC Berkeley

Having a few more days before classes start and already settled in to our accommodation, we wanted to explore San Francisco more.

Day 1 and Day 2 at UC Berkeley

Our first two days experience upon arriving at UC Berkeley.

120-Days-In-Seoul (Community Service)

The festival is named in an alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals published by the United Nations. It has 3 main segments: World, People and Love. For the “World” segment, it consists of...

120-Days-In-Seoul (WEEK 9)

It is nearing the Halloween weekend and there are many Halloween events around Seoul. During the last week of October, I visited the Lotte World with my friends. We got to explore the Lotte...

120-Days-In-Seoul (Week 7 and 8)

The mid-terms exams are during the end of October. I spent these 2 weeks mostly preparing of the upcoming exams as it was my first time taking an exam in a Korean university. Although...

Niagara Falls of Taiwan

Hi Friends! It’s my turn to blog again! So, I would start of by making a disclaimer, the trip to the Niagara Falls, of Taiwan, was an unplanned one. (Well, it probably has a...

Kazakhstan Leadership Expedition 2017

Nine members of SUTD Mountaineering Club embarked on the 10-day expedition to hone their mountaineering skills.