Ending a 6 month Long Relationship

I have been in a magical relationship for the past 6 months. A few days ago, it all ended. What relationship, you might ask? It is my relationship with a competition known as “L’Oreal...

How to Get a Free Trip to Paris

Free things are often the best kinds of thing. Think free food and free pens during exhibitions. How about I let you in on my little secret of getting a free trip to Paris?...

Agrim Singh: Hacking the Hackathon

The ins and outs of hackathons

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Everything for the Family

The Secret Life of Ozgun Balaban

SUTD's own jack-of-all-trades

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Leong Hei Kern and his passion for SUTD

New Year, New Resolutions, New Challenges

A look into SUTD’s iconic Chinese New Year decorations.

A P2P Touch

Learning by way of teaching others.

Food Culture: Food is Where the Heart is

The relationship between food and people is an obvious one, and SUTD certainly has no shortage of food stories.