SUTD Visual Research – Designing Ethics

How will you fare as an AV in a moral dilemma? Credits to Dr Jeffrey Chan, Assistant Professor from Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences cluster.

How Design Can Save the World

Battling COVID-19 and rebuilding a better world post-pandemic. COVID-19 has plunged the world into an unprecedented crisis. Over a year after its emergence, the pandemic continues to challenge healthcare systems, global trade, local economies, and...

Wanna live on Mars? Then you shouldn’t be afraid of insects.

Third-year PhD student Ng Shiwei tells us how learning from Earth’s circular ecosystem can help us build extraterrestrial settlements – and how little critters have an important role to play in this. Imagine you’re leaving...

SUTD Visual Research – Structural Colour Printing

Associate Professor Joel Yang leads the NanoLab at SUTD, and is recognised for pioneering work in plasmonic and structural colour printing. Find out more about Professor Yang