Apart from studying at the University of Southern Denmark, the Global Exchange Programme (GEXP) gave me the perfect opportunity to travel around Europe. Travelling within Europe, specifically the Schengen region was effortless, with minimal to no immigration checks across borders. I used the free time during my GEXP to see some of Earth’s greatest sights in Iceland.

Initial Planning

It all started on the first of February when I was moving into my new dormitory, Rasmus Rask Kollegiet, Odense, Denmark. I happened to bump into another exchange student from Andorra. After realizing he and I shared similar interests and both intended to travel, we exchanged numbers and kept in touch…

A month later while discussing possible trip options we ended up settling on Iceland. We planned our trip, spending couple of hours getting a rough schedule and plotting the attractions we wanted to visit.

Key attractions we decided to visit in Iceland
The Trip
Day 1:

Our first day was spent travelling from Odense, Denmark to Keflavík International Airport, Iceland via trains and a flight. After landing in Iceland, we picked up our rental car and drove to the capital Reykjavik. We ended up spending the rest of the day exploring the city sights.

Iceland had multiple unique architecture styles with buildings of all shapes, sizes and colours. Surrounded by magnificent mountains in the distance, I truly couldn’t wait for the next few days of adventure in nature.

One of the views from our Airbnb
Hallgrímskirkja stands guard over Reykjavík. The church is both a parish church and a national sanctuary in Iceland.
Day 2-4:

We spent the next 3 days in the outskirts travelling from one beauty to another.  The diversity in landscape/ natural structures were truly amazing. From grassy to snowy terrain, from glaciers to thermal hot springs, Iceland had no shortage of picturesque sights and places to drive and hike…

Interesting shape at the top of this cave entrance… Can you spot the resemblance to a famous character?


A melting glacier forms a gentle river that flows into the sea
Final Thoughts

This journey to Iceland was truly an amazing adventure and was the best country I’ve ever visited. I will definitely return to complete a full round road trip one day!

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