Hidden beauties of Western Denmark

The most well-known and populated city in Denmark is Copenhagen. It’s known for its colorful buildings and being a hub for Scandinavian design. However, if you’re doing a 5-month exchange here, it’s definitely worth exploring the Western part of Denmark, especially on a roadtrip to explore the wilderness.

4 of us, including me, started off our trip from Odense where we rented a Renault Captur. We drove West before subsequently heading up to the Northern most point of Denmark followed by a loop back towards Odense while passing by Aarhus.

With great company, beautiful roads and unique landscapes, I was happy to have seen a different side of Denmark’s beauty apart from its cities.

Denmark’s 2nd largest city – Aarhus
Bridge from the island of Fyn to Western Denmark
Dune located in Northern Denmark
One of Denmark’s many coastlines
Canola flower field
World’s largest Limestone mine

I would not have expected to see such diverse landscapes on the road trip. From dunes that appeared to be straight out of a desert, to seeing and smelling cheese stored in mines, I truly saw it all in Denmark.

And while driving in Denmark was not as fun as driving in Germany’s autobahn with no speed limits ( that’s a story for another time…), driving on the Danish highway and countryside roads was smooth and a pleasant experience…

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